Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Mikaila

I cant believe it is already Mikaila's first birthday!! She is growing up so fast.
5 things I LOVE about this girl...
1- She makes me laugh everyday
2- She inspires me
3- She makes my life have meaning
4- She's beautiful inside and out
5-She's definitly a challenge and I LOVE a challenge!!!
I love you Mikaila Olivia you are my wonderful baby girl

Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh my!

I'm back!! Finally I have a moment to blog and do some catching up. I am now in Massachusetts with Mikael. We joined him in Indianapolis August 31. I knew this bicycle trip of Mikaels was going to be an adventure, but I never thought it would be this hard and so much work! In just two short weeks we have been to 5 states and still have several more to go. Mikael has almost hit the half way point of 6,000 milesnow only 6,000 more to go. I have decided he is a machine. I am amazed he is able to bike as far as he has. I could not be more proud of him!! So last weekend I was lucky enough to mark something off my dreamboard....Seeing Niagra Falls! It was so beautiful, very breathtaking. I only wish we would've gone over to the Canadian side but we didnt. Next time we will for sure because I will definitly go back.
What else...Mikaila is now walking! She took her first steps the end of July and now we are full blown walking on the verge of running. She officially has three teeth now. Two on bottom and one on top. She is getting so big only 10 more days to her first birthday! Of course more pics to come.