Friday, February 13, 2009

Blogging Slump

I have been hit by the blogging slump bug but I'm back! There has been so much going on and not enough time in the day to write about any of it. It seems like all I do from the moment I wake up til I go to bed is take care of kids which I guess it what I'm suppose to do. I am a mom after all. But has definitly left little to no time for blogging. Some of you may know but many do not, that sadly our house is on the market. After a year of Mikael trying to promote A Generation Free our none profit and trying to promote his book 800 meters we are having to sell our house. I have debated writing about this because it is so personal to me but I want you all to know how proud I am of my husband for following his dreams. This has been a stumbling block for him and us but has made our family grow in so many ways. And it is not over. But I truly believe things happen for a reason. I still have some hope that something big will happen I just don't know when hopefully soon...before my house sells! I have gone back to work personal training at Cedar Hills Rec Center and am also now a fitness instructor teaching Boot Camp twice a week. I have to admit it is wonderful to get paid for working out and they have day care. So I never have to worry about a babysitter. Believe me this body needs this class and I love it! Another plus is I get to set my schedule so I train whenever I want. It feels great to be able to help my family out even if it's just a little but not be tied down to someone elses schedule. Isaak is growing like a weed he finally went to the Dr today for his two month checkup even though he turned 3 months on Wednesday. He is 14.5 pounds (75%)he was 25.5 inches (90%) his head was 16 (49%). Isaak has had his first cold now for two days, shots today and I also found out today he has thrush which I'm not exactly sure what that is but its treatable that's all that matters. So he is not his usual happy baby. But the cutest little thing ever! He is so happy all the time and loves to smile and laugh. He is living up to his name Isaak means Laughter. He rolled over for the first time last week from his stomach to his back. Everyone always asks me if he is a good sleeper...YES!! This boy is not a morning baby which is good cause neither am I. He sleeps easily 12 hours from the time he goes to bed til he wakes up with one feeding usually 8 hours after he's gone to bed. He's the best baby. Mikaila is well...Mikaila. The other day she lifted her shirt and said, "look mom my boob." "Ok put your shirt down." A few seconds later she is laying over the top of Isaak trying to put her boob in his mouth. He is like a baby bird looking for food. She then says to me while covering her boob, "he drank my milk." Oh great! She is quite the little mother I have to watch her carefully because she always tries to hold him and loves to lay next to him and put her arm around him she always says, "Isaak my best friend." How sweet is that! So there's an update on our family. Make sure to tell someone you love them tomorrow! Happy Valentines Day! xoxo

Sorry that it is so dark but really you just need volume