Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where the Wild Things are

Growing up in the subburbs of Utah not too many wild creatures walked through our yard. You may have birds, a squirrel maybe a chipmunk. If you live on the benches you may even see a deer. But I have seen the most bizzare animals since I have lived in Oregon and all of them I have seen either in my yard or across the street. Of course I have seen the usual bird and squirrel but...last summer while sitting in the exact same spot I am now, at my computer, I looked up to see a peacock strolling down my driveway. Then two months ago I ran outside at night to throw something in the garbage, I look and see this thing which I am assuming is Chloe running across the street. So I start yelling "Chloe come back" when it turns around and looks at me it is a huge racoon and not Chloe! I couldnt believe it. Then two days ago we woke to a deer eating the neighbors bushes. Mikaila and I went outside so she could get a better look before it ran away behind the neighbors house. And finally last night I let Chloe out to go potty and she is barking like crazy so I run out to see what she sees and it was a coyote!! Yes a coyote I even had Mikael come verify for me. It was running along the fence and couldnt get into the trees to hide. We can't wait to see what ventures into our yard next! Unfortunately I never have my camera readily available to snap a shot so here's a picture of Chloe. She is such a good dog!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Blue Lake

When I first moved here Mikael and me went everywhere. We went to the Coast several times, Multnomah Falls several times, Seaside, Astoria. We traveled all the time Hawaii, Texas, Arizona and Utah. But it seems like we have been in a rut. I havent been to the Coast in 3 yrs now. So we've decided we need to get out more and explore Oregon like we used to. So Saturday we went to Blue Lake with my our friends Matt and Stacy they just moved here from CA in December. This was my first time out to Blue Lake and although it was a sea of people, it was a lot of fun. It was so warm I had to get in the water to cool off.
We were able to go without children, Nana watched Mikaila for us for the day and Pearce went to a birthday party that Papa took him too. Family is the best!! It was so relaxing not to have to chase them around and just relax with friends and my hubby. But next time we go we'll take the kids the entire time I kept thinking Mikaila would have a lot of fun here in the water and playing at the park. Silly how that works.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun in the Sun

The weather in Oregon has been AWESOME the last two days so far. It is going to be great for the next three days until the 60's return. But we are taking full advantage of the sun and warmth while we have it!!
Thursday I spent the day in the yard planting flowers. That was my mothers day present. I wanted flowers to make my yard look pretty and I think it definitely helps. I havent been in the sun in so long I got a little burnt on my shoulders but nothing a little aloe vera won't cure.

Today (Friday) we met some friends at the Beaverton Library Park. Mikaila loves the water so I knew she'd love the fountains and she did. I couldn't keep her out of there.
Mikaila is quite the social butterfly and will walk up to anyone and ask for food or to pet their dog. This child does not know a stranger. Which is good and bad. She doesnt realize not everything is hers and not everyone wants to share. Fortunatley she is really cute and nobody seems to mind. At least that's what they tell me.
After we went to the track meet at Jesuit High School. Mikael has been doing a lot of speaking lately at Aloha High School. Talking to the track, tennis and all the health classes. He has been able to get to know a lot of the students there and since he went to Aloha I think he feels a connection. So we went to the track meet. We watched Derrick Barfus run the 110m hurdles and he won! He did an awesome job! I'm sure his family was very proud of him.

I love this picture. I took this on our way to the track meet, just before we left our house.

Mikaila showing off her girlish figure

Splish Splash

Sleeping Beauty

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Whats been going on....

I havent blogged in awhile. I just havent felt up to it. But times they are a changing. The nausea is starting to subside (thank goodness) so here's whats been happening in our neck of the woods.

Mikaila is now sleeping in a big girl bed. She has proven to be quite the little monkey so at 19 months we switched her to this. We're still adjusting but she didnt cry at all last night when I put her to bed, shut the door and locked it. Yes she can climb over the gate as well. So we installed a lock on her door.

Shelly taught me how to crochet when I was in utah this past fall. I started making this for Mikaila back in October and have just completed it. FINALLY!! I have made several hats this past winter but who knew blankets were so hard and took so long. But I am very pleased with the outcome for my first one.

Monday was a beautiful day so we headed to the duck park for a picnic and fun in the sun!!

While I was trying to get ready Mikaila decided it would be fun to put on mommy's makeup and then eat it. When I took her picture she winked at me. Mikael taught her how to wink a few weeks ago, she thinks it is sooooo cute....and so do I!