Thursday, February 25, 2010


As much as I'd like to have a great excuse why I havent been blogging I don't have one. I never do. I have lots to blog about life has been busy but I can't seem to find the time to blog about it. So I am forwarning you this may be lengthy but we'll see how it goes.
First thing I want to blog about is Mikael. I am so proud of him he got rebaptized in January. He has been working hard to make it happen and it finally did. It was such a great experience and I couldn't be happier. I know that our next step is going to be getting sealed to eachother next year. I never thought that would be important to me or something I would ever want but it's amazing how much I do. I want nothing more than for my family to be together for time and all eternity!

Mikaila has been talking about and planning her 4th birthday since the day after her 3rd birthday. She loves parties what little kid doesnt so I had an idea. Since her birthday isnt for 7 months I threw her a Valentine's Party we invited all her friends from church they decorated boxes and had a Valentine exchange, then ate lunch and decorated big heart shaped sugar cookies I made they were delicious!! All the kids were so cute and had a fun time. She hasnt been talking her birthday party everyday anymore I think it cured her.

Over Valentines weekend I was getting my Bodypump Certification it was a 3 day, 9 hours a day of training. It was extremly intense and I pushed my body harder and farther than I ever had and it was AMAZING!! Bodypump is a barbell workout,you can check it out at
Last weekend was our 5 year Anniversary!! We got a babysitter and had date night. We went to dinner at Claimjumper (our favorite) then we went to see the movie Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson but we didnt look on Friday for times we looked the night before not realzing a new movie was coming out on Friday and it would no longer be in the theater....oops! So we went and saw Valentine's Day because it was the only movie close to the time we were going to see the other one. Mikael hated it he was ready to leave within 20 minutes but I made him sit it out. I was not leaving to go home to kids! It was ok but not a movie I would have wasted money at the theater for...good thing I had gift certificates! It was still a fun night out.

The weather has been unseasonally warm lately and we have been having fun going to the children's museum, the zoo, parks, playdates and taking walks. We love being outdoors. Unfortuately the last two days have turned back to rain and clouds. Mikaila is sick with the flu so I have been able to finally sit and blog. At least something good has come from her illness :)

Mikaila says the funniest things to me lately I don't know where she comes up it.
The other day she got dressed and came to me asking, "mom do you know why I'm so beautiful?" me "nope" her "because I'm your daughter."
How sweet is that!! But then a few days later..."mom I'm prettier than you, your not very pretty with your hair like that." me, mouth open..."thanks..."
Mikaila "Mom, why do I have hair on my lip?" me "it's not hair, just fuzz." her "I think I'm turning into a boy!" hehehe.
She is growing up so much and is such a big helper with Isaak. Everywhere she goes she tells everyone and I mean everyone that he is her little brother and they need to be nice to him. She makes friends easily and wants everyone to be her friend and come over for a playdate. She will see some random girl on the side of the street and say things like. "she's so pretty, I want her to be my friend, do you think she can come over for a playdate?" She is really thoughtful. I just LOVE this girl!!

Isaak is still the sweetest, cuddly boy. He loves to tug on his ears and suck his binky and let me hold him. Breaking him of that binky is not going to be easy he usually only has it at bedtime but he is teething and likes to chew on it. He is more sensitive than Mikaila if he falls down he cries, if he gets frustrated he cries, if I leave he cries, if he wants something he grunts! He says only a few words; mama, dada, hi, baw (ball), boon (balloon) everything else he says only I understand because their not words more like noise coming from his lips, its really cute he thinks he can speak but really he can't. So funny!

Well for now I think we are all caught up. I'll try and post again before the end of March!...Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my camera! IT's the best and my pictures are getting better all the time.