Friday, July 31, 2009

Heat Wave!!

We have been roasting, baking and melting in our home and no food has even been prepared. It's just us sweating out of every pore! Yes it has been that HOT!! Triple digits the last three days and with no air conditioner this must be what hell is like. I know I don't want to go. Because of the heat I had Isaak and Mikaila sleep over at Nana and Papas house for 3 nights that was the first time ever that I have been away from my kids at night and under different circumstances it might have been really nice but I was too grouchy and hot to enjoy it. Wed. night Mikael invested in a window unit and thankfully it worked. For two days now the house is finally bearable. I can sit on the couch and not start sweating just sitting there. Finally RELIEF!! AAAHHHHHHH! That's all I can say...

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July weekend

We started off the weekend at Hagg Lake with friends Tony and Lori. I am a water girl I LOVE it!! I go camping, wave running, boating every year in Utah but this was the first time Mikael and I have done it together and the first time I have been in Oregon. It was a lot of FUN to show him my skills...

Mikaila gets her love of the water from me that is for sure! She couldnt wait to get in there!! Mikael went with her it was her first time out there and all but she kept pushing him away telling him to GET OFF! I want to do it MYSELF!!

Then Saturday we took the kids to the Cedar Hills Parade which was ok for Mikaila's first parade but there has to be a better one out there to go to next year. She did get plenty of candy so we didnt care. Then that night we had a BBQ with the family. Mikael's sister and brother both came to town with their families so we had a great time!! We did fireworks in the street but next year I think we'll go somewhere to watch them.
Sorry I have no other pictures I forgot my camera all weekend. I only have pictures of boating thanks to Tony and Lori.
Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday...Happy Fathers Day!!

The month of June belongs to Mikael in our house with his Birthday being on the 12th and Father's Day it all seems to be about HIM! As it should be! First of all I have to say he is an AMAZING husband a FABULOUS Dad and the most generous, caring man I've ever met.
We celebrated his birthday this year with a BBQ. I have wanted a BBQ'r for awhile now and I figured if I threw him a BBQ Birthday then I'd have to buy the BBq'r and it worked like a charm...

Then the next weekend was Fathers Day! Mikaila and me made Mikael breakfast in bed...pancakes her favorite with juice and fruit. Then he opened his presents Mikaila painted him several masterpieces and he got some clothes and a cute picture frame with the above picture inside. Then later we had a BBQ steaks and potatoes and Brownies of course for these two men and the cutest baby ever

Also I called this man

My Daddy!

To all the special men in my life I LOVE you all!!