Sunday, November 15, 2009

Isaak's 1st Birthday!!

Isaak's birthday week wasnt as exciting as Mikaila's. Maybe because he is one and there is only so much you can do with a one year old. But it was still FUN! On Wed November 11th his birthday, we went to lunch at Red Robin with Papa, Nana, Pearce, Mikaila, Daddy, Mommy and Isaak. He loved the balloon that was his favorite part. He doesnt get opening presents yet but Pearce was there to show him what to do! Then I took him to get his pictures taken. They turned out fabulous!! Seriously they were all great it was hard to only get 4. I love the ones with the big cupcake (thanks Ciara I stole your idea) he had so much fun eating and destroying the cupcake.


I cant believe you are One! The year has flown by but I have cherished everyday with you. From the moment you were born I was in love with you. You are the happiest baby. You love to snuggle, laugh, you rarely cry, love your binky, you fall asleep by yourself and have slept through the night since you were two months old. You have 6 teeth(4 on top, 2 on bottom) are almost walking but you hate to fall. You love to climb everything the stairs, toys, on the table, bins in playroom, the front of the oven. You say mama, dada, titty (kitty) and yeah. You have an amazing spirit about you and are so stinkin cute!! I love that I am your Mommy and you are my precious son!

I love you Isaak Mathew Luman

Love always,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Princess Ariel!! Mikaila loves Ariel right now and couldnt wait to dress up as her for halloween. She had such a great time trick or treating she told everyone thank you and then would hurry to the next house for more candy! She LOVED it!!

Isaak was Frosty the Snowman! He looked adorable in his costume and it kept him nice and warm

I even got Mikael to wear some Devil horns

I dressed up as a witch, really I just wanted an excuse to wear my costume!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Disney on Ice

Princess Belle's Dress

Snow White's Dress

She wore that huge smile on her face the whole time!

From Cars~ Lightning McQueen

Then The Little Mermaid

Then Lion King

and Tinkerbelle

Mikael and Pearce wearing their Cars hats!

We took Pearce and Mikaila to Disney on Ice last Saturday. Mikaila is in love with Ariel right now that is her favorite! When we told her we were going to see Ariel she was so excited she was bouncing and dancing all over the place. She really wanted to go on the ice and started to cry when I told her we werent allowed to go down there and skate with them. I guess I'll have to take her to Lloyd Center and go ice skating. Even Pearce said it was a lot of fun he kept thanking us for taking him, it was really sweet.
I don't ever remember my parents doing a lot of fun activities with me like Disney on Ice or the Circus I really want my kids to look back at their childhood and have fun memories. Something they look forward doing with their own kids.
Ever since I became a mom I have been in search of traditions. My mom hates holidays the only one she really likes is Thanksgiving. So I didnt grow up with many traditions. The few I have I've incorporated into my life and I am always searching for new fun things to add each year. With Halloween, Thanksgivng and then Christmas right around the corner I am looking for new things to add this year. Let me know what traditions you have, what is something memerable from your childhood or lend me an idea to add to my traditions. I'd love to hear you thoughts and ideas!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everything FALL!

As always October is my favorite month and we have been doing tons of fun stuff. Fall is definitly in the air. The smell of rain and colder weather always makes me want hot soup warm rolls and a blanket. But there is just too much going on outside! Oregon is beautiful in the fall!! I cant believe how much there is to do! We've gone to several pumpkin patches, apple farms, made yummy gormet caramel apples and went to fall festival. We still have a couple more pumkin patches to hit, parties to attend, and of course Halloween!! Did I mention I LOVE October!

Cute mug shot at Heritage Apple Farm

The Princess and her pumpkin! You'd think I dressed her like that...Nope did that all on her own

Gorgeous Leaves changing! Took these pictures while driving!

Princess Ariel at Fall Festival

Ava and Snowman Isaak!

So close to walking! Just let GO!

Mikaila wanted her face painted the girl is painting pumpkins, ghosts, hearts, stars. Very basic stuff then she asks Mikaila what she wants and she tells her Ariel...I think the girl did a great job!

Delicious!!So good I've made these apples twice now...maybe doing it again! Carmel, Chocolate, candy bar...YUM

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keith Urban!!

Jenn and me outside by his tour bus

If you look beside me you can see the little girl who sat by me she had to be 8 or 9 yrs old and was the cutest thing ever!! Jammin and singin the whole time!! I'm totally taking Mikaila to a concert someday!!

We had awesome seats!!

In all my excitement for Mikaila's Birthday I forgot to blog about my Keith Urban
concert!! My friend Jenn from Utah whom I have known since jr high flew up to go to this concert with me. I love country music and I don't have any friends who listen to it in Oregon (or at least that I'm aware of) Jenn went to his concert Sept 9th in Utah then again with me Sept 11th. Thanks Jenn for coming with me it was a BLAST!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally Day 7 of Birthday week!

So glad to finally be able to post about Mikaila's last birthday party! We had a great birthday dinner with Nana, Papa, Courtney, Pearce, Tony and Lori. Thanks everyone for coming and making Mikaila's birthday so special.


I cant even begin to tell you how special you are. I remember the day you were born 3 years ago like it was yesterday, where did the time go. You have an amazing spirit about you. You are strong willed, stubborn, determined, kind, gentle, loving, cuddly, funny, generous, happy, energetic to say the least! The things you do make me crazy but they are also the things I love about you (funny how that works). I hope this birthday week has been everything you imagined and more! You will always be my baby girl...always!! Love Mommy

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday Week Days 4,5,6

Day 4 was going to be a relaxing day a recooperating day and that is exactly what it turned out to be. On our way home from my work Isaak fell asleep and Mikaila had been grouchy all morning so I told her to go rest in her bed while I put the groceries away. When I came to check on her she was asleep, 3 hours later they woke up! What a wonderful break for me in the middle of the day that rarely happens!! I got Mikaila ready for swimming lessons again but once again she wouldnt get in the water and cried so I cancelled them for now. She had a problem that it was a male teacher she didnt want him in there so she wouldnt get in. Oh well we'll try again later with a female teacher. Then that evening we went ot Mikael's softball game, picked up Pearce from soccer, quick stop at 7-11 for slurpees and home. Nothing too exciting I didnt even take a picture...

Day 5 we went boating at Hagg Lake. The kids and me played on the beach while everyone else wakeboarded, it was too windy on the water for us and we had much more fun in the sand/mud!

Then we stopped at Pump it up so Mikaila could play and meet Barney of course the highlight of the whole day for her and really the only reason we went there that day she was so excited it was like a dream come true for this little girl!

Day 6 Hello Kitty Birthday Party!!! I woke up during the night shivering with the chills not thinking much of it. Mikaila's party started at 11am. We played Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty and Musical Hello Kitty then pizza for lunch, presents, cake and pinata! The kids had a great I was exhausted and not feeling well. Luckily I had great friends who helped out and the party was a success!! After everyone left I laid down and didnt get back up for hours. I took my temp and it was 102.2 and my throat was sore by morning my throat was on FIRE!! I went to Instacare and found out I had strep throat! YUCK!! So I had to cancel Mikaila's family birthday party :( we postponed Day 7 til next Sunday. Its a good thing she's 3 and doesnt really understand just that she gets to have another party on Sunday something to look forward to!
Wondering where all the birthday pics are...there isnt very many I was too sick to even take pictures! I'm so sad...but her cake on the other CUTE!! thanks Stephanie!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mikailas Birthday week days 1-3

Monday we started Mikaila's birthday week with pictures of her. She is such a ham for the camera. Everytime the photographer would tell her to smile she would throw her head back and laugh. Fortunately we got some great shots how that happened is a mystery...

Tuesday I took her to the library for books and DVD's then to the Fountains/Park to play and get wet! Isaak was right there with her. He is almost walking and wanted to be so bad. Mikaila loved it she is a water bug. Then off to swimming lessons. We ended up being 15min late because I was in such a hurry I accidently locked Mikaila and Isaak in the car with they keys and my cell phone. Luckily Mikael had just gotten home from work and drove them to me and I freed the children. I couldn't believe I had done that made me sick to my stomach but they survived! After swimming we raced off to the river with friends to go boating then finally home for the night.

Wednesday she had ballet in the morning which she loves believe me this girl needs some grace. She is very athletic but definitly not graceful. She loves to walk around on her tip toes and has forever. I'll tell you this girl has some killer calves for only being 3. After that we headed to the zoo with friends to check out the new lion exihibit and all the animals. After 3 hours at the zoo I was exhausted and ready to go home. We had a really good time and Mikaila wants to go again...maybe next week!

Only 4 more days to go...