Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mikael's 36th Birthday Party!!

Our Friends Tony and Lori have a boat and invited us out to the lake with them for Mikael's birthday. We had a BLAST at Hagg Lake and can't wait to go again and again and again!!!

Isaak and me chilling on the boat (love the pink lifevest) I have since bought him his own!

Brothers!! Pearce and Isaak

Thank you Tony and Lori for a wonderful day at the Lake!! We love you...

Isaak was a little scared at first when we got on the boat but he was soon at ease and having fun!

This girl is a one with the water, she doesnt care how cold it is she is out there swimming in it like its bath water!! She even knee boarded for the first time!! (mikael was behind helping out...thanks dad!)

Afterwords we heading to Tony's mom's house which is right on the lake for a bbq and chocolate cake!!
Happy Birthday Mikael you are an Amazing dad, and a wonderful, caring husband. I am so happy with our life together and love being your wife everyday. I love you!!