Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My froggies!

I have this picture of Mikaila hung up in the kids frog bathroom and it is so cute! I decided I should take one of Isaak and I have to admit it's just as cute. But sadly the towel isnt as bright green as it used to be. Mikaila is about the same age as Isaak is now and its fun to see the similarites and differences in their apprearance. They have the same mouth and eyebrows but different noses and eyes and shaped faces hers is much more round. Mikaila loves Isaak so much and its so sweet to see her care for him and take care of him. I just hope it stays that way! Yeah Right!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

6 months already

I realize it has been over a month since I blogged last which that is just unacceptable! Mikaila is totally potty trained now and she tells me all the time how BIG she is. It took some bribing a tea set and ChuckE Cheese but it paid off! She loves wearing her panties and picking out which ones to wear each day. She is growing up too fast!!
Isaak had his 6 month check up and is now 17.6 pounds and off the charts in height. He is going to be tall. He is now on solids and not spitting up as much but still it never fails just when I'm dressed in something I don't want spit up on sure enough it gets all over me.
We went to Utah then end of April to beginning of May and had a great time. My brother Wade had his first baby a boy named Ryder. My mom flew in from South Carolina and I got to show off Isaak my brothers hadnt seen him yet. Everyone couldnt believe how happy he was and how well Mikaila could talk. We were sad to leave.