Thursday, April 24, 2008

What the PUKE?!!

I havent died or anything but somedays it feels like it. I have been extremely sick. I knew I would be. I was sick with Mikaila but last time I didnt have a 19 month old running around the house. This time it seems much worse. Two week ago I had to go to the hospital and have iv's of fluid because I was so dehydrated and now I am on Zofran the cadillac of anti nausea/vomiting medication (they give this to chemo patients for heaven sake) It works Great with the vomiting but the nausea is still here, somedays it is too much to bear. Most days you will find me curled up on the floor of the playroom in my pjs. You will most definitly find Mikaila somewhere in the house, running crazy or watching Barney over and over and over again. But hey only 3-4 more weeks of this (fingers crossed) and we are in the second trimester. I can see the light at the end of my dark, dark tunnel.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Is that a thermometer?

Mikael thought this was a thermometer I had left out on the counter. Well, if it just told me I'm PREGNANT!! Yup you read me right. Pregnant. A few posts back you might recall me mentioning being baby hungry and planning on getting pregnant this summer. Well summer came early in our household. A few weeks ago I thought I had the flu. Tired, achy, headaches. And then the nausea started and I knew something wasnt right. So I decided I better take a test and it was positive. I have to admit I wasnt overly thrilled at first I mean come on I am competing in my first mini triathlon in May. But the show must go on and with Mahina on board to bike for me, I will still compete. Throw up and all! I cant wait for the first trimester to be over. Laying around in my pjs all day might be fun for some but not this Mom.
We went to our first Doctor appointment yestarday and had an ultrasound. It official it really is in there, beating heart and all. (no Mikael I'm not faking)
The shock has worn off and I'm really getting excited, now only 32 more weeks to go!
The baby is due November 14th 2008