Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still in my twenties...

I can't believe another year has come and gone. I swear I just posted about my birthday and here I am doing it again. I had a wonderful birthday week. I got several cards, money,two date nights with Mikael, time with and without kids and lots of phone calls emails and texts wishing me a Happy Birthday. I'm feeling very special and loved! Being 29 couldn't be better...
I only took two pictures on my birthday and after looking at them I almost cropped all the kids out but I decided not to they are all crazy and a whole lot of FUN!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Do 2 year olds say this?

Today I was sitting on the floor changing Isaak when I hear Mikaila say to Mikael,
"Daddy this is so cool!"
Did she just say "cool"...yup she sure did.
This girl cracks me up, honestly she is a sponge!

Tonight I was getting Isaak ready for bed so Mikaila gets her baby and puts her in Isaak's pj's and then into his crib she comes running to me, Mommy mommy you have to be quiet my baby is sleeping...shhhhh!! (finger over her lips) Like I say to her all day every day.

And my favorite is when she wants Mikael and me to go with her somewhere,
"come on guys"
like we're just her buddies and hanging out.
She is growing up so much! I love her personality, her smile, her wink!

Christmas 2008

First of all I hope everyone had a great Christmas. This was our first Christmas in Oregon and it did not disappoint. We had tons of snow it almost felt like utah minus my family and friends. We were stuck at home for several days and were begining to get cabin fever so we ventured outside only to not be able to get back into our driveway...huge hill and bald tires. So we had to park at the bottom and hike home luckily it wasnt very far. We spent Christmas eve at some friends house having dinner and visiting and then home.

Mikaila was excited for Santa to come. We made cookies for him that morning so we left them out before she went to bed. The first thing she wanted to know in the morning was where are her cookies. I told her Santa ate them and she begun to fake cry...I explained he traded her the cookies for presents but still more fake crying. It wasnt until she opened her first present that she was alright with Santa eating her cookies.

Mikaila loves umbrellas so Nana got her, her very own and she loves it. Of course it had to be pink and Nana even put her name on it. She was very excited!

Since its New Years today I thought I should wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Here's to 2009!!