Tuesday, December 11, 2007

At Last!!

This blog is a little late but I thought I should let everyone know Mikaila and me are finally home!!! We flew in on Sunday at 10:20 am from San Jose, CA. Mikael wont be home until next Sunday (more about that on my next entry). I have to admit the smile on my face grew bigger and bigger as we neared my neighborhood and then to see my house!! But my smile faded a little when I entered to find my house was only 44 degrees...bbrrrrr!! I quickly cranked the heat on. I walked upstairs to get a coat and there it was...MY BED! I ran to it, flew myself on it and smothered my face in the pillows. I think I would have cried if my neice Courtney hadnt been standing there thinking I had completely lost my mind! She asked me if I was going to crawl into the tub next...lol. But little did she know I would be doing that later that night for sure!
Finally the day I have been waiting so long for is here ;)

This picture is from Saturday night before I left Mikael. We decided to get a hotel for the night that was close to the airport because I was leaving so early in the morning.
Daddy loves his Baskin Robbins Ice Cream and it looks like Mikaila does too!! Even Chloe wants a little taste...Yum Yum!!

I just had to add a little of Mikaels conversation with Mikaila and ice cream...

Mikael: "If you want ice cream you need to sit"

Mikaila: dancing on the bed, still standing

Mikael: "Mikaila sit"

Chloe: sits

Mikaila: still dancing on the bed

Mikael: "Mikaila you have to SIT!"

Chloe: sits

Mikaila: finally sits down and enjoys a bite before standing up again

At least someone in this family listens even if it is only the dog ;)


Bouncing Balls said...

We are so excited you are back! You better come to girls night at Bridget's house on Thurs. so we can see you.

Mandy said...

I really want to go and was planning on it but I have to go to Coos Bay for Pearce's (my stepson) christmas program :(

Sarah said...

I am soooo glad you are back! I have really missed seeing you! Bummer you can't come to girls night. I guess we'll see ya at church.

ciara said...

I can't imagine how excited you are to be home, well enjoy that gorgeous tub of yours as much as possible, cuz I'll see you again in just 2 weeks! love the cali pics the sunset is so pretty!

Mahina said...

oh, yea!! isn't it great to be home after such a long trip? i remember when we got back in juky from sabbatical. i had mixed emotions, but i did love seeing our bed!! those trailer beds leave much to be desired!

i'm sad we won't see you at b's house tomorrow, but we will definately welcome you at church!!