Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun in the Sun

The weather in Oregon has been AWESOME the last two days so far. It is going to be great for the next three days until the 60's return. But we are taking full advantage of the sun and warmth while we have it!!
Thursday I spent the day in the yard planting flowers. That was my mothers day present. I wanted flowers to make my yard look pretty and I think it definitely helps. I havent been in the sun in so long I got a little burnt on my shoulders but nothing a little aloe vera won't cure.

Today (Friday) we met some friends at the Beaverton Library Park. Mikaila loves the water so I knew she'd love the fountains and she did. I couldn't keep her out of there.
Mikaila is quite the social butterfly and will walk up to anyone and ask for food or to pet their dog. This child does not know a stranger. Which is good and bad. She doesnt realize not everything is hers and not everyone wants to share. Fortunatley she is really cute and nobody seems to mind. At least that's what they tell me.
After we went to the track meet at Jesuit High School. Mikael has been doing a lot of speaking lately at Aloha High School. Talking to the track, tennis and all the health classes. He has been able to get to know a lot of the students there and since he went to Aloha I think he feels a connection. So we went to the track meet. We watched Derrick Barfus run the 110m hurdles and he won! He did an awesome job! I'm sure his family was very proud of him.

I love this picture. I took this on our way to the track meet, just before we left our house.

Mikaila showing off her girlish figure

Splish Splash

Sleeping Beauty


Mahina said...

we went to the library fountains, too, yesterday! i love that picture of mikaila!

it sure is nice to have some sunshine finally, i just wish it would stay longer!

Darilyn said...

The fountains sound like so much fun. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it in this gorgeous sunshine of ours.

Bridget said...

We were also at the fountains on Friday! we all missed each other.

We worked in our yard yesterday too. Our backyard needs a lot of work and its fun to see some progress.

Sarah said...

I love taking the boys to the fountain. Mikaela is getting so big!