Monday, August 31, 2009

Utah trip Summer 2009

The kids and me headed to Utah for our annual summer trip to visit my family on August 15th. Mikael flew in a day early to surprise me and arrived August 19th we all flew home together on the 24th. We had a lot of fun adventures planned and everyone had a great time! Lagoon, Hogal Zoo, Swimming, Disney Days, Shopping, food and tons of FUN!! Here are some highlights...

My neice Bailey and my bestest friend Ciara hanging out poolside at Murray Rec Pool

Little Family pic Mikaila is missing in action swimming in the pool of course!
That girl loves the water!

We went to Disney Days at the Gullivan Center and Mikaila wanted her face painted like a Dinosaur, this is the end result I'm not sure it's a dinosaur but Mikaila LOVED it!

Here is my brother Wade and his baby Ryder who is now 4 months old. There hanging out at Lagoona beach!

I love her expression in this photo. She was so excited to ride the rides at Lagoon!

Evarlie and Mikaila riding the boats. Mikaila was protective of her bell and was NOT letting Evarlie ring it. I don't think Evarlie even noticed she had just woken up from a nap and wasnt very happy but they still look so cute!

Isaak's first time on a Merry Go Round! He liked it but was really just watching everyone else. Don't you like that my head looks like it's sitting on top of Isaaks arm...oops!

I had to include this pic. Mikael played in a softball game two days before he flew out and injured his knee so when we went to Hogal Zoo he rented a motorized wheelchair so he didnt have to hobble around the zoo. What a great idea! He said that's the only way to do the zoo...and the kids loved it too!

Giraff's are my favorite animal at the zoo so I had to include this picture. Besides they had a baby giraff and it was so cute!!

We really did have a great time hanging out with Family and Friends!! We can't wait to do it again next year...but maybe without all the drama!

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Ciara said...

I agree it was a blast! A fun filled week but you can keep the drama for yourself. Glad you came down and I can't wait to see you again soon, you're up for Oct, right?!?