Friday, June 29, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

How depressing the last two days have been for me. Last week sunshine high 80's and now this...the rain can stop now!! I know I sound a little upset but come on it's the end of June. So what to do when your home with no car and its raining. I decided since Mikaila's never really played in the rain, we would. So after dinner and before tub time we went on the back deck. She seemed to like the rain and crawled around on the deck then saw something she could use to pull herself up (the outdoor plug). Then I shut the sliding glass door so I could take a picture of her face smooshed up against it....gotta love those cheeks. She's so funny, she definitly put some sunshine on my gloomy day.


Bridget said...

So cute! What a great idea to let her play in the rain.

BTW, can I borrow your hair dryer and stuff tomorrow? I want to try the straightening thing on my own. :)

Mahina said...

she is adorable! and i cannot believe that she is only 2 weeks older than kawena! crazy!! kawena is still just doing the army crawl.

i'm with you on the rain! but this week is supossed to be gorgeous! yipee!