Friday, August 22, 2008

Utah August 1-10

There is so much to write about and so many pictures to post that I am breaking it up into weeks. The first few days of our trip mainly consisted of visiting with family and friends. Then we had to get ready for our yearly camping trip. This year we went to Flaming Gorge. It's on the border of Utah and Wyoming. We havent been there in 4 years, we usually go to Bear Lake but thought we'd go somewhere new this year. I have decided never again will I go to Flaming Gorge! Everytime and I seriously mean everytime we go there it is horrible weather conditions and this year proved to be no different. It was raining when we arrived on Thursday so we had to set up camp in the rain. But that didn't stop Mikaila as soon as she got out of the car and saw the lake she was so excited she kept yelling, " Mommy pool,pool!" This child LOVES water! I put a sweatshirt on to keep her warm and the next thing I knew there she was in the lake soaking wet.

Friday it was warm and nice in the morning til about 2 and then rolled in the clouds and by 3 it was a major downpour for about an hour and a half. Then cleared and was a nice evening.
My mom's boyfriend, Dan built a fire and boy was it colorful. He puts a copper pipe with hose stuffed into it in the fire and the colors are AMAZING!!

Saturday once again was beautiful in the morning we went for a ride on the boat so pretty.

But again by 2 the clouds rolled in it didnt start raining but it was WINDY it blew so hard my tent blew away in the dark. No Joke! It was so windy I didnt want to sleep in the tent by myself with Mikaila so we bundled in with my brother and his family in their tent. As soon as I got all my stuff out of the tent it was gone. It was ripped from the ground into the air I could've been like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz! Although Mikael's reassures me it wouldn't have blown away if I was in it but still...
Sunday morning was calm and partly nice we were able to play for a little bit and get packed up before the clouds and rain rolled in again. Mikaila loved riding on the sea doo here is Damma (Grandma) and her on a ride. She loved to go fast, she would hold her arms out like she was flying. My wild child!

All in all we had a fun time but the weather just sucked! Good thing my family is so much fun to be around and go camping with! ;)

Love you all,
Rhett, Shelly, Brock, Bailey, My mom, Dan, Wade and Jamie


Bridget said...

Don't you hate when bad weather ruins a vacation? Bummer. Sounds like fun anyway. Glad you're back!

Sarah said...

So is life!

I"m glad you back!