Monday, September 15, 2008


What an interesting night friday was... maybe even a little ironic or a moment of deja'vu.

When I was pregnant with Mikaila two months before I was suppose to have her Mikael was playing softball and was running for the ball, not paying attention to where he was running broke his ankle in a huge hole in the ground. We ended up spending most of the night in the hospital getting him fixed up. The next day we were suppose to be going to Bend, OR for a tournament but ended up staying home.

Well Friday night Mikael thought he'd like to reinact that night...I guess.
He was playing softball once again and being Mikael was diving for home when he collided with the catchers knee. I drove him to the hospital to find out he had broken 3 of his ribs. Once again I am pregnant and am due in two months. Also the other coincidence we were suppose to go to Bend, OR the next day for a wedding.

The bad thing is there is absolutely nothing you can do for broken ribs except pain killers and rest. Poor guy. He has been informed that if we decided to have more children he will not be playing softball two months before I am due and no trips to Bend either!


Mahina said...

no way! that is crazy! i think that was agood declaration for you to make!! keep him away from softball and bend next time around!

hope he gets better quickly. he doesn't seem like the type that can sit and rest for very long!

Bridget said...

Oh, no! Poor Mikael and poor you. So sorry. I remember when we were kids we broke several ribs on my dad when we were roughhousing with him on the floor.

Sarah said...

Poor guy!!

That is a crazy coincidence! How bazar!! Well at least it wasn't the last 2 weeks of your pregnancy. He's got to recover so he can take care of you after you have the baby.

Melissa said...

Holy Crap! Is he going to survive? Is he suppose to stay down? Good luck with that! Can I do anything to help?? (not to keep him down, but with anything else) Let me know!!!

Amy said...

So good to see you Monday night. I didn't realize that he had done this all before. Boys!!!!

ciara said...

Tell Mikael sorry about the ribs that sucks, but even worse you spent all that time worried about a dress and didn't even get to wear it. ;)