Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yes that's MY husband!!!

I have to admit my husband is a little OCD maybe even to the point of crazy. But when he is determined to do something let me tell you he never gives up and he gives it his all. Mikael has been training since May 2008 to do triathlons. I mean triathlons just seem like the next step after his 12,000 mile bicycle ride last year right?! He has now accomplished one sprint distance, one olympic distance and now two half Ironman's. We just got back from Santa Cruz, CA Tuesday morning after traveling there for his latest Triathlon, The Big Kahuna. Now I think just finishing is a huge accomplishment but that is never enough for Mikael he wants to be the best (he's very competitive) Back in July he did his first half ironman in Lake Stevens, WA and finished in 5 hrs 55min. Well, of course he wanted to do better this time and less then two months since the last one he finished in 5 hrs 23 min. AMAZING!! He came in 194 out 850 I couldn't be more proud of him!

Distance- 1.2 miles Time: 41:16.6

Distance- 56 miles Time: 2:35.08

Distance- 13.1 miles Time: 1:55.53


Bridget Raleigh said...

Okay I need to see some belly pictures. How is the pregnancy going and when are you due again? I cannot wait to see what your boy will look like.

Bridget said...

That is just so exciting. He told me about it at the mailbox the other day. He's so funny that's he's disappointed about like 8 minutes on his time. I can't even imagine doing this.

Darilyn said...

Just look at Mikael cruising by that guy in the first picture.

Mahina said...

w! that is qwesome! he is on amazing triathlete!