Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Mikaila!!!

Thanks to Mahina these beautiful pictures were possible!

My Favorite

Another great shot!

Typical Mikaila look

Look who turned 2

No I didnt forget her birthday, I've just been really busy and didnt have the pics my camera is really slow and I so I had two wonderful friends take pictures for me from her birthday week so I waited until now so this is for you Princess Mikaila...

I can't believe the baby girl I gave birth to not to long ago is already 2. How is that possible?! Growing up my birthday always lasted for weeks on end. It is two weeks after christmas and my parents always seem to make it a big deal. So I would end up having several birthday parties and dinners. Well, I decided to start a birthday week. So the week before Mikaila's birthday she recieved presents or cards in the mail. We went and did something fun or she had pictures taken (above pics brought to you by Mahina she met us at the park for some candid pic of the 2 yr old). All leading up to her big day September 27. Here are a few highlights from her week long birthday...

Mikaila LOVES Barney. So I thought it was perfect for her to have a Barney birthday and Thanks to Stephanie she made that thank you!

Thanks Ciara for the cute tutu!! The birthday girl looked like a Princess

Mikaila playing with her kitchen...Happy Birthday to you!

We love you Sweet Girl!! You bring so much love and joy into our life!! We thank God every day for you.
We love you

Mommy and Daddy

Birthday pics courtesy of Amy thanks so much for coming to celebrate Mikaila's special day with us and spending the time to capture her in all her glory!!


Sarah said...

How cute! I love the first one the best!! She is so beautiful Amber! they grow so fast don't they!

Melissa said...

I love this pics!! So cute! She looks more like Mikael every day!! WOW! I can't wait to see who your little man looks like!

Bouncing Balls said...

So cute! The pictures are perfect! She is looking so grown up now.

Merilee said...

Man, she is one beautiful little girl. I really do just love all her gorgeous hair.

Kendal, Wendy and Avery said...

Those pictures are so sweet! It looks like it was a great day.. I cant wait to see pictures of the new baby! Not too much longer now :)

Amy said...

I love that first photo! She is adorable!

ciara said...

I love the first couple of photos the colors look amazing!! I'm glad he had such a wonderful birthday week, every princess needs that. Your little stud will probably get a week, at least as well. I can't wait to see him only 21 days if not sooner!

Tonya said...

Your little girl is darling:0) Happy birthday to her. I am liking this birthday week idea!