Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Shower

So two of my wonderful friends, Bridget and Renae hosted a baby shower for me last night. I truly am so grateful for friends. We had a great time eating, opening presents and doing what we do best...chatting!! Here are a few highlights from our evening...

My wonderful FRIENDS!!
Amber, Bridget, Renae, Me, Kristen and Merilee

A great group of FRIENDS!!
Janine with baby Joshua, Juliana, Sarah, Darilyn and Michelle

Beautiful cake thanks to Stephanie!!

Thanks to everyone who came I really had a FUN time and I appreciate each and everyone of you!


Darilyn said...

Can't wait to meet that little guy. Take care of yourself here at the end.

Bridget said...

Yeah for the fun shower!! Can't wait to hear when you have your baby!

ciara said...

I agree every baby needs a shower looks like you had fun.