Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

One of my many accomplishments from my mom visiting.

Mikaila is so excited this year for Christmas. I am planning on taking her to get her pictures with Santa. Hopefully she'll sit on his lap and not freak out she's not usually like that but you never know. Anyone know of a great Santa to get pictures with? Let me know.

Some of the things I Love and that I am looking forward to this month~
*Egg Nog
*Fruit cake
*Spending our first Christmas in Oregon
*Mikaila opening her presents Christmas morning
*Christmas Music (yes I love listening to it on the radio)
*Sending out Christmas cards
*The Forgotten Carols

I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season I know we are!!


Bridget said...

I LOVE Christmas music too.Last night we listened to God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman by Bare Naked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan until my kids new all the words and could sing along!

Sarah said...

It looks beautiful! I love love love christmas.

As for pictures, the Santa at the mall is a good one. Another option, I haven't see the Santa, but at Jeremy's preschool they are having Santa come this Thurs morning and Friday afternoon for pictures. The marketing class is doing it and selling kpictures packages for a GREAT deal. LIke I said, I haven't seen the finished product, but they said it's open to others. Let me know if you want to come. Jeremy's teacher is requesting to know on which day we're coming and if anyone we know wants to come. The packages range from $4-10.

Oh and on a side note, you like fruit cake? I'm surprised! : ) My mom is the only person I know that likes that stuff well until now. : )

Mahina said...

i love the music, just check out my blog! we have it on all day!

we just got the lights on the tree and we are decorating tonight for fhe part II. your tree is beautiful!

and talk about looking like christmas, we awoke this morning to a white, snowy, wonderland! beautiful!

Darilyn said...

I love the Forgotten Carols. It would not be the same without them. And do you make your own fruitcake? I think that's what you should bring to the potluck lunch tomorrow!

Elizabeth said...

I love Christmas, too! How fun to have your mom to help you out! Yes, moving up to two kids is quite a bit different! But yours are adorable!

ciara said...

I love Christmas it's my favorite to decorate for. Of course I love shopping but I truly hate Christmas shopping I always feel so rushed and everywhere is crowded. Glad you got your tree done and I hope you get a good Santa picture but even the screaming ones I think are cute.

Bridget Raleigh said...

Such a pretty tree and home. Hey I need your address so I can send you a Christmas card. You can e-mail it to me. So you don't have to write it on here. I think you have my e-mail but if not it is I hope you are having a fun holiday season with your darling kids.