Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July weekend

We started off the weekend at Hagg Lake with friends Tony and Lori. I am a water girl I LOVE it!! I go camping, wave running, boating every year in Utah but this was the first time Mikael and I have done it together and the first time I have been in Oregon. It was a lot of FUN to show him my skills...

Mikaila gets her love of the water from me that is for sure! She couldnt wait to get in there!! Mikael went with her it was her first time out there and all but she kept pushing him away telling him to GET OFF! I want to do it MYSELF!!

Then Saturday we took the kids to the Cedar Hills Parade which was ok for Mikaila's first parade but there has to be a better one out there to go to next year. She did get plenty of candy so we didnt care. Then that night we had a BBQ with the family. Mikael's sister and brother both came to town with their families so we had a great time!! We did fireworks in the street but next year I think we'll go somewhere to watch them.
Sorry I have no other pictures I forgot my camera all weekend. I only have pictures of boating thanks to Tony and Lori.
Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July!!


mahina said...

oh how i'd love to be at the lake right now! sounds like a great time!

Ciara said...

That lake is gorgeous!! Wish I was boating :(
I'm glad you love seeing all those cute clothes again, I sure do love them THANKS a Bunch!!