Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goodbye 20's HELLO 30's!!!

My pretty flowers

My balloons with Mikaila playing in them I love this pic!
No pic of banana pancakes I ate them too quick!

Opening presents with the kiddos

At my 2nd b-day party, LOOK at the size of that cake!!

Yes you read that right! I turned the big "3-0" on January 6th. I had a wonderful day it started off with Mikael waking me up with Banana pancakes, balloons and roses! What a great husband it has taken me 5 years but I think he is almost trained ;) Isaak took a nice long nap so I was able to color my hair, shower, get ready, play games with Mikaila and take a nap myself. It was so nice. My friend just had a baby so I was able to make her dinner she couldnt believe I was making her dinner on my birthday but I was so happy to be doing something for her. So in exchange she made me a yummy chocolate cake and sang Happy Birthday to me! Then later that evening Mikaels parents came over for cake, ice cream and presents. Mikael got me an IPOD shuffle, I've been hinting I need one so I'll have music when I'm running. I received a lot of phone calls, emails, texts and messages of Facebook. It was a really GREAT day and I felt so LOVED!
Then Friday a couple of my friends had a Birthday Party for me! It was so fun talking with everyone and catching up. Jessica's husband Erik made my birthday cake and WOW!! it was the largest cake I've ever seen. Complete with trick candles that relite...stupid candles! Anyway after food, cake, ice cream, singing, talking, laughing, balloons, no kidS and presents the party came to an end. I don't think I've had a birthday this fun in years!! Thanks to everyone who helped out and who came it truly was a memorable night!!

So something I have been thinking about and have decided is that since I am 30 this year I would cross off 3 things on my TO DO list. The first one I've decided is to Run a Marathon, I am going to run the Portland Marathon 10-10-2010 it is 9 months away. I have found a program to follow from www.halhigdon.com it is a 30 week program so it starts March 16th but I am going to start training now slowly until then. Although I am in great shape I am not in runners shape.
I am looking forward to the year ahead and all that is in store.
As for the other two things I'm not sure what they are yet but I've got all year to figure it out.


Darilyn said...

What a great birthday. I'm a little jealous that you've been able to train your husband so well. I would love to wake up to those things on my birthday! Good luck on your marathon and i can't wait to hear about your other two things you are going to do.

Sarah said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Sounds like a great day. What a great goal to run a marathon. I"m sure you'll do great!!

ciara said...

Glad you had a good birthday week! Wish we could have done something to celebrate you becoming old. Now how many layers are actually in that cake, it's HUGE.