Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who's that Lady! I meant little girl!!

Mikaila has been dying to cut her hair. So with much hesitation I took her and with a huge smile on her face this is what we came home with. I think she looks really cute with short hair and not so messy. It was a struggle to even brush her hair let alone actually do it. This is much easier for her and me. Dad is still adjusting... I will miss her curls and hopefully they'll return again someday. Until then who's that lady running around my house!! Oh wait!! It's Mikaila ;)


Lynette said...

Love her hair! Bridger wasn't sure if he could still be her friend. But when he saw her Sunday he thought it was cute.

Josh and Megan said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Such a cutie! i love her style!

Amy said...

She is adorable and indeed so grown up! Isaac and Tucker are two peas in a pod.