Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend

I had the BEST mothers day weekend EVER!! My friends husband called Mikael and set up a night at the coast with his wife, another friend Amy and me. It was so FUN to go to Lincoln City, stay in a condo and hangout with girlfriends with No kids (except for baby Sarah but she doesnt really count) and NO husbands!! How great is that?!! It was clear skies and sunshine when we arrived Friday night and it was beautiful. The condo we stayed in had an AWESOME view of the ocean. We went for a walk on the beach then dinner at KYLOS with a great view of the sunset from our table, then Coldstone for dessert, YUMMY! The next morning once again blue skies and sunshine which is rare on the Oregon coast. Lynette and I went for a walk while Amy rested. Then we all went shopping at the Outlet Mall we spent 4 hours talking and shopping. Afterwards Amy and me headed back to reality while Lynette's family joined her at the condo for the week. It was such a wonderful surprise and a much needed vacation. Thank you Derek for the amazing gift and Lynette for wanting a girls night with ME. Thank you Mikael for watching our kids and being so thoughtful. Thank you Scott for the sending your wife with us she is a blessing in my life!

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