Monday, May 31, 2010

Day trip to Seaside, OR

The last day before they left we drove to Seaside, OR which is just over an hour away. We were so glad we did!!

First the kids HAD to ride the carosel and they LOVED it, well Mikaila did Isaak could have gone without. He would much rather just watch.

Evarlie LOVED it and cried when she had to get off

Then we went to the Aquarium were the kids got to feed seals fish and touch sea creatures.

Then we headed out to the sand and water to play around for a bit. Mitch was nice and took Isaak out into the waves. Mikael and Mikaila were swinging and Ciara....

was chasing this little runner down the beach! Where you going Evarlie?

To finish it off Mikaila and I rode the bumper cars she liked driving but did not like everyone bumping into us. But of course wanted to go again afterwards.

Thanks Mitch, Ciara and Evarlie for coming to Oregon and visiting with us. We had such a great time and I was desperately needing some Utah LOVE. Your welcome back anytime!


Josh and Megan said...

How fun to see Ciara!!!!! Her little Girl is just adorable!

Bridget Raleigh said...

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you about pictures. I have been on vacation and my computer has been broken and facebook gives me virus's so to answer your questions about pictures it is $200 for pictures. This includes pictures of your family, just you and your husband, and all the kids individually, and a high resolution CD of 25-30 maybe more edited images. Let me know what you think and when you are going to be here? It would be really fun to see you and your kids! - Bridget