Tuesday, October 2, 2007


As you may know from my dreamboard there are many things I would like to do in NYC. I'm not sure why there are so many desires there. But something about that city I find captivating.
I've always played this romantic scenario out in my mind where I fly to NYC and stay in a luxurious hotel right in downtown Manhattan. I take strolls through Central Park and have a picnic just sitting watching the locals enjoy themselves. I go to Time Square where I am among the hustle and bustle of the city. People and cars everywhere(why? because I love that sort of thing). I get fantastic tickets to a broadway play and shop til I drop everyday!!! Unfortunately nothing even came close to my vision. Because of a knot in Mikaels glute we were stuck 40 miles north of NYC for a full week. And because of Mikaels knot and the pain he was experiencing in his butt, hamstring, calf and his foot being numb we were not able to experience NYC like I've imagined. We drove into the city twice. Once the first day we arrived. We drove to Queens and had dinner with some friends and then through the city. We stopped quickly at Central Park so I could take a picture only to find I couldnt get into the park from where we had parked and me being frustrated with the situation, bagged it. The next time we drove in was two days before we left. Mikael was still unable to walk so we drove to Manhattan I jumped from the truck and took a quick picture and off we went. Thats it. My dream of NYC....not even close. So I have decided not to mark that dream from my dreamboard.

Crazy city life of NYC...I love it~

There are a lot of building in that city~that is for sure!!

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Bridget said...

Sorry you couldn't enjoy the big apple. I heart NYC too. I lived in a suburb of the city for 11 years and have very fond memories of Here's to next time!