Sunday, June 8, 2008


I have heard from several friends about the series of books from Stephenie Meyer starting with Twilight so I started reading it while I was sick on the floor. Once I started I was unable to put it down. This is definitly one of those books I never want to end. I love the story and the characters. Then to find out they are making a movie about this. Even Better!! It comes out 12-12-08. I have finished all three books and the fourth is coming out in August I can hardly wait.

On the other hand this is her latest book "The Host"which is geared more for adults. But I am having the hardest time getting into this book. Every time I pick it up and try to read it, I read one chapter and then put it down and read something else. I don't know if I'll ever read this book. I have heard if you can get through 100 pages then it gets better, but I can't make it that far to find out.


Bridget said...

Let me know if you're ever able to get through The Host. Too slow for me.

Darilyn said...

I"m reading the Host right now and it is getting better.

Sarah said...

I"m going to have to read it. I keep hearing it so good.