Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tag....your it!

I think this is a fun tag. It's just random stuff in your house that you would never show anyone but that's what makes it fun right? Here's your sneak peak into my crazy messy house!

This is my fridge the door doesnt stay open by itself so I had to use a model to hold the door open, say Hi Mikaila!

My sink, luckily I did the dishes last night and havent put any in it...yet

The best part of my closet is all my shoes and yes they are really lined up like that. Anyone know of a great way to organize them, I'd really love to know!

The potty, nothing too exciting here, thankfully no surprises!

My messiest part of my house now by the end of the day it will no longer look like this. I have laundry to do...

What Mikaila is doing right this moment. Yep that's her bum hanging out of her pj's. She decided it was time to change her diaper. I better get on that before we have an accident on the floor

My favorite pair of shoes right now. Normally they would flip flops by now but since the weather is so wonderful. It's these Mudd shoes I have three pairs. Tan, Black and Brown. I love them!

My favorite room in my house is my master bath because it has this tub!! I LOVE this tub and would probably wither up and die without it!

Here's is a great self portrait I took of myself. It hasn't rained so I was finally able to staighten my hair, but I actually like it better curly just needed a change

And lastly where I would like to be right now....anywhere that looks like this! This is Waikiki Hawaii from our trip last June, wish we were going again this year. Oh well, at least I have pics

I'm tagging Ciara, Misa, Bridget Raleigh and Amy


ciara said...

I like your hair, it's super cute! and what kinda mom let's her daughter run around like a plumber? I'll do this but it will turn out pretty interesting:)

Mahina said...

i love the plumber crack! cute cheeks, though, for sure!

i cannot believe how many shoes you have in your closet! you must have the same shoe fetish that kawena has! haha!

Darilyn said...

That is the best self portrait I've seen yet. And I love all the shoes.

Bridget said...

Great self-portrait.

I have a solution to your shoe problem. Its a hanging shoe storage system from IKEA. When you come over tomorrow remind me and I"ll show you. It's great.

Mikaila is definitley one wild child.

Rachael said...

I love your hair. I almost walked right by you at church. Love all of the shoes!

Sarah said...

You know I have a shoe fettish too, only I can't act upon it now. That's school for ya. Before we got married I had 45 pairs of shoes in my closet. i regularly went through them and gave away shoes too. After being pregnant with Riley they seemed to be a bit tight. After Jeremy my feet were a full half size bigger. : ( Anyone who knows me really well, knows that I have a total complex about my feet as is. It only took me 2 years to finally give all the shoes away. I was so sad. At rate, I always had a wooden square shelf that ran along the floor. A pair inside and a pair on the bottom. You get the idea. I love you shoes!

Amy said...

Hey there friend! We're back in town. I got your messages. I'd love to hang out soon. Fin and Tuck are just getting over a nasty flu. So maybe next week sometime. I'll give you a ring.