Friday, July 25, 2008

Cascade Locks

This past weekend we loaded up the trailer and went camping at the KOA in Cascade Locks. I love camping and getting away so I was excited to go. Mikael on the other hand does not enjoy camping or really being away from home because it messes up his training schedule but being such a good supporter he suffered through three days and two nights of hell for me. We went with another couple friends of Mikael's from high school and their daughter who is 4 months younger than Mikaila. Two babies in one trailer was a nightmare. Sadly to say we won't be going camping again with them anytime soon. Too many nightmares to list.
Fortunately I did get some cute pics of Mikael and Mikaila playing in the pool

This picture is so funny. They both look like their eyes are cross-eyed

We stopped at Multnomah Falls on the way home so Mikaila could see the HUGE waterfall. She was so excited and kept ooooohing and aaaaahing. It was really cute


Sarah said...

sorry to hear that it went so badly. That is always a bummer. Those are cute pictures! I really like the goofy goggle picture and that one of you is super cute too. You are so pretty Amanda!!

Melissa said...

Ok, so KOA doesn't count as real camping....and in a trailer?? Just kidding. I am so sorry to hear that it didn't go well. Its because you went to KOA! Haha, maybe next time you can go with us. That would be a blast!!
Such cute pics! I love to see that Mikael will loosen up sometimes! Love you guys ;)

Mahina said...

that is too bad that things weren't as wonderful as you had planned. it probably just made "camping" all the less appealing to mikael. i can't imagine 2 babies in a trailer, it's hard enough with just one! next time you should tent camp! haha!

love the goggle picture!

Bridget said...

Cute pictures. I'm going to miss you when you're in Utah! Now I REALLY am not going to go walking. :(

ciara said...

How cute is the google picture! Plus you look great not a bit pregnant, can't wait to see you FRIDAY!

The Vigil's said...

That looks like a great place vacation! Sorry it didn't got quite as planned. You live and learn right! Those pics of your husband and daughter are so cute!