Tuesday, July 29, 2008

From eggs...to birds

A few weeks ago Mikaila and I discovered this on the side of my house.
I've seen many nests in my life time but never one so low that I could peek in whenever I wanted.

A few days later these had appeared

And then they hatched, three little naked babies with their eyes closed were sleeping the the nest.

Now they are starting to grow feathers and their eyes are open

I know by the time I get back from Utah they will have flown the coop but it was fun to watch them grow. Isn't life amazing!!


Mahina said...

so cute! we had a sad bird nest experience. we had one in our eaves under a downspout. it had eggs in it and we keep an eye on it until we heard little chirps. the girls were so excited. then one day we walked out back and the nest had fallen to our deck and killed the baby birds! it was terribly sad!

your birds mama was smart to build so low to the ground!

Sarah said...

That is amazing! How cool for Mikaela and you guys for that matter, to see that process!

Darilyn said...

We had a similar experience as Mahina but in our case it was a dumb neighborhood cat that heard the baby birds and got to them. So sad. I'm glad you got to see that it is so cool!

Rachael said...

We had a bird build a nest right inside our obelisk of ivy right by our front door. Every time we went out the bird would fly away and scare us. Every time we came home it would fly at us. The baby birds were so cute though. One fell out of the nest but the rest survived. I loved being able to see the changes they made every day. Amazing!!