Monday, November 3, 2008


I am so behind on my blogging but how could I not blog about Halloween!! We had a great night! I wasnt really sure what to dress Mikaila up as but my mother in law gave me a witch costume and it fit so we went with that this year. Unfortunately the hat didnt fit so we tossed it and spray painted her hair purple with sparkles. I wanted to paint her face green with black lips and a hairy mole but getting a hyper two year old to sit still is nearly impossible so this is what I ended up with. Still cuter then ever!

Pearce and Mikaila ready to go hit up some houses for candy!!


Sarah said...

Mikaela looks so cute! She has such a cute little face even when it is painted green!!

Bridget said...

She is an adorable witch!

Bridget Raleigh said...

oh my gosh Mikaila looks so cute! How fun! I bet she loved trick or treating. I love the baby shower cake. What day are you due? I know it is soon.

ciara said...

Mikaila looks adorable as always and Pearce looks pretty scary with that mask! Glad they had fun I hope Mikaila shared her chocolate with you.
I was supposed to be a witch the hat was inside but, you're right I can't be to scary Mitch does enough of that for both of us. I'm still planning on coming up there might be Feb, that work?