Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 weeks old

Isaak is two weeks old today. How is that possible?!! We went to the Dr. yesterday and he already weighs 9pds 9oz He is growing so fast. Last Monday the wonderful Angi Carman came over to my house and took Isaak's newborn pictures. He slept all day so by the time she got here he was wide awake. I kept nursing him to get him to fall asleep so we could get some pictures with his eyes closed. They turned GREAT!! Thank you Angi for capturing this special time for me. You're the BEST!!

This is my favorite picture it brought tears to my eyes

I love Mikaila's expression, she is such a wonderful BIG sister

I can't stop kissing him.

I wish babies stayed small like this forever!


Brian and Stephanie Wood said...

Very beautiful, I congratulate you!

Sarah said...

Those are very cute pictures! My favorite is the one with Michaila! So very cute! I love little babies! They're so precious! There is always a part of me that can't wait for the next stage, but then a huge part that wants to freeze them in time.

Mahina said...

he sure looks like he is growing! i love the belly he has! great pictures!

ciara said...

you're lying, there is NO way he's already 2 weeks! That has gone by way to fast. I love the first one and the one with Mikaila a loving big sis, dang cute.

Bridget said...

THhe pictures are so cute! How fun to have those!

Merilee said...

You have some seriously adorable children!