Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Princess Ariel!! Mikaila loves Ariel right now and couldnt wait to dress up as her for halloween. She had such a great time trick or treating she told everyone thank you and then would hurry to the next house for more candy! She LOVED it!!

Isaak was Frosty the Snowman! He looked adorable in his costume and it kept him nice and warm

I even got Mikael to wear some Devil horns

I dressed up as a witch, really I just wanted an excuse to wear my costume!!


Sarah said...

I absolutely love that red wig! So cute. You look great too!

Ciara said...

Glad Mikaila had so much fun in her many costumes, the wig is great! Isaak even kept his hat on at least for a picture. Looks like you guys had lots of fun.

Caleb Clausen said...

Love the arial costume and the witch outfit, you two are the cutest.

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Grace said...

i love the halloween pictures...i can't believe how big your kids look! the wig is great

Ciara said...

Where are birthday pics? Mitch keeps the old costumes, he wants to collect 5 good ones and then rotate them.