Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Disney on Ice

Princess Belle's Dress

Snow White's Dress

She wore that huge smile on her face the whole time!

From Cars~ Lightning McQueen

Then The Little Mermaid

Then Lion King

and Tinkerbelle

Mikael and Pearce wearing their Cars hats!

We took Pearce and Mikaila to Disney on Ice last Saturday. Mikaila is in love with Ariel right now that is her favorite! When we told her we were going to see Ariel she was so excited she was bouncing and dancing all over the place. She really wanted to go on the ice and started to cry when I told her we werent allowed to go down there and skate with them. I guess I'll have to take her to Lloyd Center and go ice skating. Even Pearce said it was a lot of fun he kept thanking us for taking him, it was really sweet.
I don't ever remember my parents doing a lot of fun activities with me like Disney on Ice or the Circus I really want my kids to look back at their childhood and have fun memories. Something they look forward doing with their own kids.
Ever since I became a mom I have been in search of traditions. My mom hates holidays the only one she really likes is Thanksgiving. So I didnt grow up with many traditions. The few I have I've incorporated into my life and I am always searching for new fun things to add each year. With Halloween, Thanksgivng and then Christmas right around the corner I am looking for new things to add this year. Let me know what traditions you have, what is something memerable from your childhood or lend me an idea to add to my traditions. I'd love to hear you thoughts and ideas!

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Sarah said...

That looks like a blast!! I need to taKe our kids to do that!