Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everything FALL!

As always October is my favorite month and we have been doing tons of fun stuff. Fall is definitly in the air. The smell of rain and colder weather always makes me want hot soup warm rolls and a blanket. But there is just too much going on outside! Oregon is beautiful in the fall!! I cant believe how much there is to do! We've gone to several pumpkin patches, apple farms, made yummy gormet caramel apples and went to fall festival. We still have a couple more pumkin patches to hit, parties to attend, and of course Halloween!! Did I mention I LOVE October!

Cute mug shot at Heritage Apple Farm

The Princess and her pumpkin! You'd think I dressed her like that...Nope did that all on her own

Gorgeous Leaves changing! Took these pictures while driving!

Princess Ariel at Fall Festival

Ava and Snowman Isaak!

So close to walking! Just let GO!

Mikaila wanted her face painted the girl is painting pumpkins, ghosts, hearts, stars. Very basic stuff then she asks Mikaila what she wants and she tells her Ariel...I think the girl did a great job!

Delicious!!So good I've made these apples twice now...maybe doing it again! Carmel, Chocolate, candy bar...YUM


Sarah said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Those carmel apples are so yummy! I loved them and so did my boys! Would you email me the recipe??!!!

Ciara said...

I'm sad I missed out seeing you and enjoying some fall activities, mostly those carmel apples! Looks like a blast.
Isaak is so close to walking, he'll be there before 1.