Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally Day 7 of Birthday week!

So glad to finally be able to post about Mikaila's last birthday party! We had a great birthday dinner with Nana, Papa, Courtney, Pearce, Tony and Lori. Thanks everyone for coming and making Mikaila's birthday so special.


I cant even begin to tell you how special you are. I remember the day you were born 3 years ago like it was yesterday, where did the time go. You have an amazing spirit about you. You are strong willed, stubborn, determined, kind, gentle, loving, cuddly, funny, generous, happy, energetic to say the least! The things you do make me crazy but they are also the things I love about you (funny how that works). I hope this birthday week has been everything you imagined and more! You will always be my baby girl...always!! Love Mommy


Bridget Raleigh said...

I love what you wrote to her. She is going to love to see that when she gets older. She is so darling. You are such a great Mommy. I gotta steal that birthday week thing. Birthdays really should last a week!

Sarah said...

That was sweet what you wrote. She is such a cute little girl!

Ciara said...

love the note to Mikaila it's all true! looks like she had the best birthday week ever. The polka dotted boots are adorable!!!