Monday, January 28, 2008

Be careful!

So you may know the hill in my neighborhood is quite slippery when it snows and the children sledding down it, packing the snow, probably doesnt help much for those that try to venture from their house and drive down it.
Well today was no different then any other. It snowed and the children went sledding and yes cars, suvs, trucks made attempts to drive down the slick hill. Today while I was out with Mikaila playing in the snow here comes a Porsche Cayenne down the hill out of control. Sliding side ways down the steep hill until it slammed into the guard rail and then bounced off. The driver parked the suv and had to walk back up the hill to his house.
To the right are the skid marks from his suv from slamming into the guard rail and below...

The damage done to his car. It's hard to tell in this picure but the front panel has a huge dent by the tire with scratches along the passenger door and back door and the bumper detached from the body of the suv.

I felt really bad for my neighbor. It was really scary to watch. I was just glad nobody was hurt. But that's going to be a pricey fix. Just glad it wasn't me!


Darilyn said...

Some of the hills around here are dangerous. We just aren't equipped to handle deicing all the side streets so it's so hard to get around. I'm glad there was a guard rail to stop the car though.

Mahina said...

why? why would someone even attempt that? your hill is so steep!! it definitely wasn't worth attempting!