Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday 2 me!

A friend asked me the other night how old I am turning... I told her 24. Oh really she says
I didnt realize you were that young. Ok I'm 24 + 4.
January 6th was my birthday and I turned 28

When people find out my birthday is two weeks after christmas they assume it must have sucked for me as a kid. But honestly my parents always made my birthday better than Christmas. My birthday would last for weeks. First I'd have my family birthday party, then one with my friends from school and then one with the neighborhood kids. It was wonderful. I've always loved my birthday. In fact, my mom warned Mikael when we first met to be prepared for January because my birthday is never ending.

Well times they are a changing, Mikael was in a seminar this past weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday all day long. He kept telling me to wait until Monday that he was going to do something BIG that was the day we were going to celebrate my birthday. Needless to say Monday rolled around and no Big Surprise, NOTHING, ZILTCH!!! Oh well, I should've known. It's always worse when someone builds up that there is going to be something BIG then they do nothing. Even worse when its your spouse. So YES, my husband is in the doghouse. And I went shopping today to make up for my hurt feelings, and believe me I feel much better now!


Darilyn said...

You HAVE to come to Pride and Prejudice tonight. 6 or 7 p.m. at Sarah S. house. We all want to see you. I'm glad you went shopping for yourself. You deserve it. I would have done the same thing. And I did....just last year. January is an awesome month. I totally agree with that.

Bridget said...

Yes, come tonight!! Still haven't seen you since summer and your two houses away! Happy belated birthday!

Mahina said...

happy birthday! you are such a spring chicken!

i decided many years ago that my birthday is just another day, that way i am not disappointed and pleasantly surprised if something BIG happens!

come tonight!!

Mandy said...

I'm sad I didnt make the effort and come tonight :( I'm such a loser! But I promise I'll see everyone on Sunday

Bouncing Balls said...

Happy Birthday! Your birthday celebrating doesn't end until you get the last card or gift. So keep it rolling.