Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's that time of year...again!

So I've been thinking long and hard this year about my New Year's Resolutions. Mine never start on January 1st. Usually because some kind of eating healthy or working out resolution is involved and my birthday is the 6th and I know I'll be eating cake then there are the leftovers and I'm way to tired after the holidays to be going to the gym. So sometime around mid January no later then February do I really take them serious. I'm not sure why I make New Year's Resolutions in the first place. But just like my Dream board I like making a list and being able to mark things off as I get them accomplished. So here it goes...

1. Of course this is always a priority and something that definitely needs improvement. My eating and exercising habits, which honestly haven't been very good in the past few months. Blame it on the holidays, stress, whatever. So making better food choices (Mahina maybe you can give me some of your will-power) and exercising more or at least at all, 3 days a week that is my goal!!

2. Spending more one on one time with my husband. During Christmas we went to see National Treasurer by ourselves, no baby attached. Wonderful!! We haven't done that since I was pregnant over 15 months ago!! So this area is in major need of improvement!!!

3. Finding time for...ME! That's right, I would like a little me time every once in awhile. The last 15 months have consisted of Mikaila and Mikael but no Mandy. So a little self soul searching needs to happen (maybe I'll find my fitness again in the search)

4. Compete in a mini triathlon. I am going to sign up for one in June so I better get training (Bridget, Mahina, Rachael anyone... please I may need your help with this one...swimming tips or a partner at the gym would be great!)

5. Getting Pregnant! Okay I know how to get pregnant but I don't want to until after my triathlon. But this summer would be perfect!

6. Making it to church would be a nice start but I want to be there for the entire 3 hours. So hopefully now that it's at 1pm you will see me there! Although that is right in the middle of Mikaila's nap...again! Oh well, it's only one day a week.

Honestly, I think I could go on forever. There are so many areas in my life that I think need improvement. But I'll just stop there before I get to out of control I'll never live up to my list. Good Luck to everyone who makes New Year's Resolutions!!


Bridget said...

I would love to workout with you! Which triathlon are you going to do? I am going to do the Hawthorn Farms in May. You should do that one. The swim is in a pool which to me is so much less intimidating.

Darilyn said...

I will watch Mikaela for you so you can go out with your hubby. Just give me a call.

Mandy said...

Okay bridget your on! May it is!! Thanks Darilyn I will have to take you up on that!

Mahina said...

i will totally train with you! i need to get my little rear end in gear so i can do one this year, too! i have a hard time getting there, due to sick kids. but they are all sick right now, so hopefully that means they will all get better at the same time!

i was so glad to see you at church today! we've missed you!

maybe we will be prego at the same time again!

ciara said...

You're very ambitious to pick 6 things to improve on this year! I hate the word resolutions it just sounds like failure. :)GOOD LUCK on all of them!!