Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day!!

What a beautiful morning this has been. I love the trees after snow has just fallen, all covered in white. Takes my breath away!

This is a picture looking out my front door to the green area to my left. So pretty

The neighborhood kids sure had a fun day today, sledding down the hill! I was jealous I wanted to do it too! They go so fast!!

Mikaila was a little unsure of the snow, and she was not going to wear her gloves for nothing no matter how much I told her she needed them her little fingers would freeze. At least she kept the hat on...

I just have to say I wish I grew up in Oregon. I never had a snow day like this! Maybe because school was never cancelled. How lucky for Mikaila it snows 3 inches and school is closed that would have been great! Although living in my neighborhood I now know why. It is just not safe to drive around here. But I really do love waking up to fresh snow on the ground. It makes me miss Utah. But we had an exciting morning watching all the neighborhood kids sled down the hill.


ciara said...

Mikaila looks adorable in her cute little hat! I'm JEALOUS for snow days I wish we had more here I love them a reason to stay home and play in the snow is GREAT! We got 5 inches yesturday and probably another 5 today and NO snow days for us.

Mahina said...

she is so adorable in her little hat! she looks thrilled to be out in the snow!