Friday, January 4, 2008

Oh what a night!

So I have been home from Christmas in Utah for a week now and for some reason I cant seem to want to blog about the holidays. Is this normal? Every time I get on the computer to blog about what a wonderful Christmas we had...nothing. I stare at a blank page for minutes before deciding to move on to reading everyones blogs. Yes, we had a great time and no, nothing bad happened I just haven't wanted to talk about it.

So instead I wanted to share what a fun night Mikaila and I had. Mikael is at a seminar for the next three days from 9 am-10 pm so its just baby and me. I was giving myself my weekly pedi and thought it would be fun to paint Mikaila's toes. She was so excited!! For her to stand there and let me paint them was very hard for her but she is so proud of her newly painted toes and really so am I


Bridget said...

Wow! How did you get her to stay still!! That is amazing. And no nailpolish on the carpet?

Mahina said...

i know how you feel! if you've noticed i haven't posted in a long while! i have lots to post, but just haven't done it yet! i'm still trying to get my life back into order and the routine!

cute toes! i don't think kawena would let me do that!

ciara said...

I'm impressed that she held still long enough for you to paint her cute lil' toes, they look GREAT!
How was your big day with Mikael? Hope he made up for leaving you alone for 3 days!
Oh and I agree I just can't bring myself to post about Christmas.